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Knowing that Jerusalem would eventually be subject to siege, Hezekiah had been preparing for some time by fortifying the walls of the capital, building towers, and constructing a tunnel to bring fresh water to the city from a spring outside its walls.

"When Sennacherib had come, intent on making war against Jerusalem, Hezekiah consulted with his officers about stopping the flow of the springs outside the city … did send me, later, to Nineveh, my lordly city, together with 30 talents of gold, 800 talents of silver, . ." This version inflates the number of silver talents sent from 300 to 800; but in other regards it confirms the biblical record and shows that Sennacherib made no claim that he captured Jerusalem.

"Historiographically, his reign is noteworthy for the convergence of a variety of biblical sources and diverse extrabiblical evidence often bearing on the same events.

Significant data concerning Hezekiah appear in the Deuteronomistic History, the Chronicler, Isaiah, Assyrian annals and reliefs, Israelite epigraphy, and, increasingly, stratigraphy".

Hezekiah is also remembered for giving too much information to Baladan, king of Babylon (or perhaps for boasting about his wealth), for which he was confronted by Isaiah the prophet (2 Kings –19).In 701 BC, Sennacherib turned toward cities in the west. According to the Bible, Hezekiah did not rely on Egypt for support, but relied on God and prayed to Him for deliverance of his capital city Jerusalem.(2 Kings -22; 2 Kings -36; 2 Kings -19; 2 Kings ; Isaiah 31:1-3) The Assyrians recorded that Sennacherib lifted his siege of Jerusalem after Hezekiah paid Sennacherib tribute.Nevertheless, the Passover was celebrated with great solemnity and such rejoicing as had not been in Jerusalem since the days of Solomon.After the death of Assyrian king Sargon II in 705 BC, Sargon's son Sennacherib became king of Assyria.

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for otherwise, they thought, the King of Assyria would come and find water in abundance" (2 Chronicles 32:2–4). It should be noted, however, that Sennacherib presents the matter of Hezekiah’s paying tribute as having come after the Assyrian threat of a siege against Jerusalem, whereas the Bible states it was paid before.

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