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He embarks on a far-reaching program of populist political and economic reform, nationalising the mining and electrical industries, redistributing private land to peasants, opposing what he calls American “expansionism,” supporting the leftist Chilean leader Salvador Allende (see above), condemning Zionism, allowing the PLO to open an office in the capital, and imposing limits on foreign investment.However, his*Following the military government’s authority having diminished over time since Pakistan’s perceived loss in the most recent conflict with India (see 1965), free elections are held.Brandt’s policies see him awarded the Nobel Peace Prize but draw concerns in the US about the possible Finlandization of West Germany (i.e.the turning of an ally into a neutral country – in the Cold War).Dismissive of cold, modernist visions of the city, particularly those embodied by rationalist architects and urban planners like Le Corbusier (see 1946, 1953), Lefebvre instead articulates the lived experiences of individual inhabitants of the city, and conceives of an urban utopia characterised by self-determination, individual creativity, and authentic social relationships.The work becomes a foundational book in contemporary thinking about the city.*The UN General Assembly adopts the Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, which proclaims the principle that nations shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any nation or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the UN.*The International Organization for Francophony is set up as a grouping of French-speaking nations.

The Federation of Arab Republics exists (at least on paper) until 1984 when Egypt withdraws (after suspecting Libya is responsible for planting mines in the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea).*Black September uprising in Jordan after King Hussein (1935 – 1999) declares martial law and orders crackdown on Palestinian guerrilla groups (following hijackings of three airliners – see below) operating from the territory.

It declares that protection of those rights, although inspired by the constitutional traditions common to the member states, must be secured within the framework of the Community’s structure and objectives.*Paris Peace Talks between the US and North Vietnam flounder as the North delegation declares President Nixon’s peace proposal a “manoeuvre to deceive world opinion.” Future Director of National Intelligence (see 2005) John Negroponte (1939 - ), a member of Kissinger’s National Security Council, complains to his boss that the peace talks amount to selling out the South Vietnamese.

Negroponte is soon dismissed from his post and transferred, in succession, to the relative backwaters of Ecuador and Greece.*The Ulster Defence Regiment comes into existence.

*Sex Selective Abortion: Although (attempts at devising) methods for selecting the sex of children have been around since the time of Ancient Egypt, postwar medical and scientific advances (see 1949, 1956, 1958, 1962, below, 1980) allow for accurate determination of the sex of foetuses, as well as discovering genetic defects or diseases carried by foetuses.

Western governments, alarmed at the Cold War potential for the large birth rates of the Third World to produce masses of hungry people who may likely turn to communism, begin to promote sex determination as a means to control the exponential population increases of the developing nations.

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However, they result in a general easing of tension between the Cold War superpowers, helping to open the door to the possibility of Détente (see 1971, 1972).*With the policy of communist containment tarnished in elitist (and even public) spheres by the quagmire of Vietnam, American political and intellectual elites will increasingly turn to the promotion of universal human rights as a fundamental goal of US foreign policy.#*Socialist Salvador Allende wins the presidential election in Chile.